Double Glazing Benefits In Summer

It’s a well-known fact that effective windows, doors and double glazing units are beneficial throughout the colder months, but we are looking at the double glazing benefits in summer that might tempt you to beat the rush of people calling for repairs and installation in autumn. Find out how upgrading your double glazing this summer can improve your home:

Can Double Glazing Protect Your Home In The Summer?

Sunlight is lovely and we all look forward to some vitamin C at this time of year, but our homes may incur some minor damage. The harmful element of sunlight, called UV, can damage soft furnishings, including carpets, rugs and curtains but also it can also discolour and effect sentimental items such as photographs or impact the appearance of natural woods.

Double glazing can minimise discolouration and any potential damage caused by UV rays. Of course, double glazing does not completely block out all UV and over time you might notice some effects, especially from south and west facing windows. New technologies have improved UV prevention that acts as a kind of film to protect your belongings. If your double glazing is more than 15 years old, it might be worth consulting a glazing expert on the best time to update your units.

How Does Double Glazing Keep You Cool?

Double glazing insulates your home, ensuring the all-essential heat is kept inside your property during chilly seasons, however double glazing benefits in summer, too! The two panels that make up your double glazed window are sealed with a non-conductive gas. This means that your windows can help retain heat by up to 30%, as cool or hot air will be trapped on one side. The same rules apply in the summer when you are trying to retain cool air as they do in the winter when you are trying to keep the warmth in; you will need to ensure your double glazing is efficient and properly sealed to notice the difference.

Another double glazing benefit in summer is that it can save you money; effective glazing will prevent you from over-paying for air conditioning or other electronic methods for cooling your home. Air conditioners are expensive to install, expensive to run and only useful for 6 months of the year, whereas effective double glazing is an investment for every season. If you think you require double glazing repairs, spring and summer is the perfect time to invest!

Does Double Glazing Help With Allergies and Hayfever?

It’s hard to enjoy summer to the fullest when you are being run down by the plights of hayfever and other seasonal allergies. Many are not aware that choosing the right windows and double glazing units will actually help prevent their allergies. Humidity breeds dust and the particles or bacteria that simulate the feelings of hayfever, even whilst indoors (this is known by the NHS as ‘Home Fever’). Another double glazing benefit in summer is that you can reduce humidity by using trickle-glazing vents. This will increase the airflow, too.

How Can Double Glazing Improve My Home Security In The Summer?

Unfortunately, you are more likely to be a victim of home robbery during the summer months than at any point in the year. The studies and statistics show that burglary has the biggest seasonal variation compared with all other crimes. In fact, your home is 11% more likely to be burgled during the summer as opportunist criminals take advantage of open doors and ineffective windows that have been left ajar. This includes skylights and windows at height.

Double glazing units are tougher and harder to break into and can act as a deterrent for criminals. Additionally, a new double-glazing unit, fitted into a new frame will ensure your lock and latch functions are working properly and help to protect your property. Ventilation strips or trickle vents can be fitted for new UPVC and timber windows to keep your home cool in the summer, without the threat of burglary.

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Double Glazing Helps to Keep Us Cool

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