Can Heat Retention Be Improved With Composite Doors?

Composite doors are popular for those individuals that want the feel and look of a wooden door, but the benefits of UPVC. Composite really does bridge the gap between wood and UPVC for our consumers.

In this post, we will take a look at, in addition to these advantages if a composite door can enhance the heat retention of a residential or commercial property.

Heat Retention

Heating and energy bills cost more than ever before, that is a reality. It can be stated that 40% of heat from a residential or commercial property is lost through doors and windows. So, the more we can do with the doors and windows we have actually set up in our homes and workplaces, the better from an energy cost efficiency perspective.

A composite door will supply better insulation than a wood door and exceptional heat retention.


In comparison to wood doors, composite doors have a totally insulated door leaf with a rigid foam core, and the distinct multi-chambered frame offers extra insulation.

The extremely insulated door suggests less heat can escape around the frame, meaning more heat stays within the residential or commercial property. This implies energy costs will be less than if you had a non-insulated door.

It needs to likewise be remembered that unlike wood, a composite will never ever rot. The doors have weather condition seals and multi-point lock systems to guarantee the door is held firmly in the frame. This suggests it’s weather-proof and firmly sealed, so with time heat will not be let out resulting in a decrease in heat efficiency.


All doors are fitted with a Yale locking system for ultimate security. They are likewise all manufactured in accordance with ‘safe and secure by design’ that is a UK authorities effort with rigorous standards for security.


In addition to the added benefit of security, composite doors are very preferred by those looking to attain a specific design for their renovation project. A period or character home may not look best with UPVC windows and doors. By selecting composite consumers can use colour and a wood grain effect to truly attain the wanted look and feel they are going for.

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