£1.5 million investment set to transform Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena 

The FlyDSA Arena will see major infrastructure development including a new ice plant, electrical works, dressing room refurbishment and further improvements in its counter terrorism measures, it has been announced.

It has been announced on the Sheffield Steelers website that there will be more than £1.5m investment for the FlyDSA Arena to guarantee that customers, event organisers and promoters have the latest venue facilities, ensuring the Arena continues to play a crucial role in promoting Sheffield across the country.Working closely with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield City Trust, the not-for-profit organisation that operates the FlyDSA Arena, reinvests all profits back into its facilities and services.

Head of SIVLive Dominic Stokes said: “The history and heritage of this amazing venue is what makes it so special. With the support of Sheffield City Council, the investment in the FlyDSA Arena will ensure it remains one of the best multi-functional spaces in the region, promoting our great city and supporting Sheffield City Trust’s aim of improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Sheffield.

He added: “Investing in our infrastructure ensures our back of house experience continues to improve for promoters, acts and event organisers. Replacing the original 30-year old equipment underlines Sheffield City Trust’s commitment to sustainability. “

The new equipment and associated electrical work will provide a more environmentally-friendly, efficient performance; reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as providing better quality ice for ice-hockey and touring shows, such as Disney on Ice.Extra security measures will also be installed at the venue following a comprehensive counter terrorism survey to ensure the Arena remains at the forefront of safety and security.

Steelers owner Tony Smith said : “This large investment secures ice sport inside this incredible venue for decades ahead. Plans can now be made, planned for and invested in for the continued growth of the Steelers, Ice Hockey in Yorkshire and equally as important for the Fly DSA Arena and SIV”

Special Thanks to The Star for their Article- https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/ps15-million-investment-set-transform-sheffields-flydsa-arena-1390675

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